Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Yellow Cake: Tweaked and Delicious!

Improved Betty Crocker GF Yellow CupcakeWOW.  My friend, Catherine, at A Gluten-Free Guide is my hero.  She turned Betty Crocker’s yellow cake mix from ho-hum to oh, yum!

We have entered what, in my house, we call birthday season.  In just two short weeks, my boys will attend seven birthday parties, with more soon to follow.  Although my amazing and irreplaceable friends and family now often offer a gluten-free option for my boys, I truly would rather not burden them with our food sensitivities.  Besides, my oldest son loves to help out in the kitchen and has a blast decorating his desserts before the parties.  And so…the baking begins.

This season I had the foresight to bake cupcakes and freeze the extra to pull out as needed.  Just hours before a birthday party, I went to our pantry to get the process started.  I quickly scanned the shelves for my favorite chocolate cake mix, and, alas! (and other expletives), the cupboard was bare!  All I could find was a box of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, tucked away at the back of a shelf, collecting dust.  I had bought it months before when I first discovered Betty Crocker’s gluten-free mixes in the grocery store; as of yet, I’d had little inspiration to try it.  We had sampled a few gluten-free yellow cakes, including some made with this mix, and not one was worth the calories.  They were dry and crumbly, and the taste was just eh.  Cat had encouraged me to try her tweaked recipe long ago, but I was hesitant.  With limited other options, however, I decided to give her modified version a try.  Thank gluten-free goodness I did!!

I’m usually an icing girl; I like it super sweet and slathered on thick.  Cake?  I could take it or leave it.  But a lack of confectioners sugar (you know, bare cupboard and all), led me to try these golden beauties without frosting, and I did not miss it at all.  These cakes are fluffy, moist, and delicious.  My husband and boys devoured several in no time at all.  That’s right…even my children ate them without the sweet, creamy topping.  That’s just unheard of!  If I hadn’t frozen the extras, I am sure they would not have lasted much past the first two birthday parties.  I am so thrilled to have a go-to yellow cake recipe that is easy and scrumptious.  Thank you, Catherine!  Well done!